What is the Los Altos Library Endowment

The mission of LALE is to help sustain and increase financial support for the Los Altos Library's services, collections, equipment, facilities, and programs. The endowment supplements public funding and complements the Friends of the Library in their fundraising activities.

The Los Altos Library Endowment's - LALE's - origins reflect the strong desire of our community to maintain a library that meets the needs of everyone. A major funding campaign was conducted in the mid-1990's by the Vision 21 Committee with the support of the Friends of the Library of Los Altos and Community. The campaign's aim was to improve the Los Altos Library's balance between traditional literature and timely scientific, medical, and technological materials. The success of that campaign, augmented by a generous gift from the Friends of the Library, provided initial endowment capital. Today LALE promotes the library's long-term well being in the ever-evolving world of library needs and priorities.

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